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High Performing Sales Leader

My experience is that for the sales side of any business to achieve and bust their targets, the person leading the sales side must be at the top of his game. My role in achieving this is to coach that person on a regular basis.


Know what you are selling

You are probably thinking “of course my sales people know what they are selling”…but do they? Do they know what benefits are important to your prospects? Do they know the five top fears prospects have in dealing with you…and how to address them?

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Useful and Accurate Data

Most of us rely on a CRM system. It’s vital that this is giving us an accurate picture of our sales performance. Here is an interesting example of how a misunderstanding of how to record appointments led to the wrong conclusions and wrong actions.

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Benefits of Working as a Team

You need your sales people to work as a team so they all benefit from the information they are all picking up in the field. Here is a great exercise for you to run at your next sales meeting which will have an immediate impact on your sales figures.

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Behaviour of Sales People

The performance of your sales people might be held back by their inability to prospect or close. My experience is that it’s much more likely that low performance is caused by how they are thinking, about the market, your offering or themselves.

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Effective Support

You need all the parts of your business to support each other to make sales. The relationship between Marketing and Sales is paramount and often ignored. Take some time to ensure these departments understand each other and have the same goals.

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Optimised Sales Process

The whole sales process needs to be seemless. If your field sales team are focused on selling your whole solution but your telemarketing arm are targeted on making single product appointments you are setting them all up to fail…and your targets to be missed.

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Average Order Value

Increasing the average order value of each of your sales team can be a really quick way of increasing sales revenue with no increase in the cost of sales. There are a couple of points worth talking about when focusing on this aspect of improving your sales performance:

Conversion Rate

As we are all aware, there is nothing more disappointing than paying for a rep to visit a prospective client with all the costs involved and they do not come away with an order. There can be many reasons for this but focusing on improving the conversion rate is usually vital in boosting sales performance.

Less Stress

Often, one of the aspects limiting the sales performance of an organisation is stress. Your people may be working very hard but are not achieving the targets that the business needs. Rather than try to do “more of the same, my approach is to identify the sources creating the stress and remove them.

Lower Costs

A frequent benefit of my working is that the cost of sale come down, sometimes quite dramatically. We can achieve this is a variety of ways. Of course, every solution may not be right for your situation but they are worth thinking about.

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